Biography & Professional Contributions.

Grant S Donaldson has contributed to the accounting, tax and financial professions for over thirty-five years. His professional career began in 1985 at one of the largest CPA firms in the world and evolved to the financial and wealth management field in 1989. He established investment/financial advisory firm Tudor Financial, Inc. in 1992 with a focus on innovative, high-quality investment strategies coupled with clear and objective financial advice. Today, the firm offers an array of advisory and professional services for successful and high-net worth clients. Tudor Financial is an SEC registered firm and currently serves a record level of clients in over thirty states. The firm specializes in handcrafted quality stock portfolios that provide lifetime wealth and income for advanced clients.

In the early 2000’s, as a testament to the benefits of entrepreneurship, Grant founded the professional group Private Enterprise Partnership to celebrate and promote the benefits of capitalism. This group provided education and inspiration for a continuing flow of local business owners until the year 2015. The invitation-only group was dedicated to providing a forum for extended discussions of business ownership and the beneficial societal solutions that evolve out of capitalism.

Credentialed Professional.

Grant Donaldson has contributed to the accounting, tax and financial professions for over thirty-five years. He established Tudor Financial, Inc. in 1992. The firm serves individuals, families and institutions with asset management, tax analysis & guidance, estate planning, and other financial advisory needs. He is a prolific writer and researcher of investment history, strategy and risk management methodologies. He has provided hundreds of presentations to groups throughout many years of service in the financial profession. Tudor Financial, Inc. currently serves clients in over thirty states throughout the United States.

Education and Certifications
  • CPA – Certified Public Investment
  • University of Dayton – MBA program
  • Master of Science in Financial Analysis
  • Wright State University – Bachelor of Science Investing
  • General Securities Representative License, FINRA, Series 7
  • Uniform Securities Agent State Law, FINRA, Series 63
  • Uniform Advisory, FINRA, Series 65

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